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The charming "Kaue" once served the miners of the Hilfe Gottes Mine as a changing room and an area for taking breaks. In this authentic location you can still see the working clothes of the miners hanging below the roof in a space-saving way.
Equipped with tables and benches, the room provides space for around 30 people. At cold times of year a large wood-burning stove provides cosy warmth.
Room rental (unheated): €50.00 / event
Room rental (heated): €125.00 / event


The event location for the adventurous.

For events lasting up to 2 hours you can rent our "Steigerbucht" in the mine gallery. This underground room provides space for a maximum of 20 people.

Room rental: €50.00 / event

Please note: The temperature underground is around 8°C all year round and the humidity is high. Here, warm clothing that can also get dirty is essential.