How it all started

Setting up the Mining Museum in Bad Grund

As early as the end of the 1970s there were talks between the Mining Town of Bad Grund and the Preussag AG company regarding the possibility of opening a museum about mining. The suggested location was the "Knesebeck Shaft".

The buildings and parts of the site that could be used included the mining waste heap area, the shaft hall, the changing and washrooms, the machine house, the hoisting machine area, the compressor house and the prospecting gallery.

Many meetings between Preussag AG, the mining authorities and the Bad Grund Town Council followed. A major site visit to the Knesebeck Shaft by the Town Council of the mining town and advisory members of the committee took place on 20th February 1980.

In attendance were:

  •     Mayor Albert Fleisch
  •     Councillor Spötter
  •     Councillor Jäschke
  •     Councillor Domröse
  •     Councillor Liehr
  •     Councillor Denkhaus
  •     Councillor Schmidt
  •     Councillor Müller
  •     Councillor Bösche
  •     Councillor Bertram

As advisory members:

  •     Citizen Heinrich

From the company Preussag AG:

  •     Mine Director Lange

From the Spa Administration:

  •     Herr Mastmann

From the Town Administration:

  •     Town Director Kippenberg
  •     Vice Town Director Bähr

On the 24th October 1980 the signed lease contract was sent back by Preussag AG to the Mining Town of Bad Grund.

The foundation of the Support Association for the Mining and Local History Museum Bad Grund took place on 30th November 1982. The association was immediately joined by 68 members. The foundation of the association is said to have been recorded pro forma on a beer mat at the "Hotel Deutsches Haus" Bad Grund.

The museum was officially inaugurated on 9th May. The following data has been handed down from the 4th General Meeting of the association in the Spa House on 15th March 1986:

The committee consisted of the following members:

  •     Chairman: Jochen Henning
  •     Vice Chairman: Jürgen Meier
  •     Treasurer: Martin Spitzer
  •     Secretary: Thorben von Rath

33 members were present

The financial situation was also good:

Membership fees2928.00 DM
Donations300.00 DM
Other income3050.05 DM
Expenses697.07 DM

Account balance as of 31st December 1985

7.931,78 DM